Food Safety and Quality


Manpower Development

Food Safety and Quality

Our firm develops and implements an effective and efficient Food Safety and Quality program in close partnership with our clients. Likewise, we monitor the program. We offer three customized modules: ProSerV, In Focus, and On Target.

1ProSerV Module

Our signature consulting program that provides a worry-free option for our clients. It combines the following phases:

Phase 1
  1. Conduct of initial needs assessment through gap analysis – including document review as well as on-site process and facility evaluation;
  2. Provision of complete food safety program write-ups (policy and procedure manuals, monitoring checklists, spreadsheets, logs, forms, etc.);
  3. Full program implementation and data gathering for a minimum of 3 months;
  4. On-site manpower training (documentation, food safety and quality principles, HACCP and pre-requisite programs;
  5. Conduct of internal audit to verify effectiveness of program implementation and to assess your company’s readiness for a third party external audit; and,
  6. Full assistance during third party external audit including completion of required corrective actions after the third party audit
Phase 2

After certification we offer to fully maintain your program until the next annual surveillance audit. We will ensure that all requirements as per standards by the certifying body are addressed.

2In Focus Module

This specialized option allows you to select any or a combination of the above items in Option 1 (from A through F). Our technical expert will guide you during the whole process. This module is also suitable to clients with existing food safety program that has not attained certification.

3On Target Module

With this specialized option we offer to fully maintain your food safety program until the next annual surveillance audit. We will ensure that all requirements per standards by the certifying body are addressed.


1Food Safety Program Document Review

We evaluate your records to find out if you meet standard document requirements

2Gap Analysis

We assist you in finding the gaps and deficiencies in order for your company to be ready for an external audit and to ensure certification.

3Internal Audit

As partners we ensure audits are as efficient as possible to minimize any production/operational disruption during the audit. We strive to reveal observations that can add value through reduced costs, increased efficiency, and opportunities for improvements.

4External Audit

Our technical expert is an affiliate auditor for Food Safety Program implementation audit. He is an experienced and highly-skilled HACCP auditor who works with a fresh perspective.

Manpower Development

Our goal is simple: to ensure that your most important assets your employees do their jobs efficiently and effectively. Our workshops can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

We firmly believe in interactive and engaging coaching style – a practical step beyond traditional lecturing. From theory, to strategy, to proven practical tools and experiences, we deliver our training with logical solutions that prepare participants for real-world situations in the production floors.