VALDEZ FS & Q Consulting

We focus on the development, implementation, and monitoring of Food Safety Programs in the grain industry

A company must have effective grain safety programs and processes that manage the risks associated with sourcing, receiving, handling, storing, processing and shipping of grains - cereals, oilseeds, pulses and other specialty crops.


Assist clients attain competitive advantage in the marketplace by meeting demands in areas of food safety and quality. Our firm is committed to ensuring that your company complies with all applicable standards and regulatory requirements. We utilize participatory approach and efficient resource management to make sure that all prerequisite programs involving products, processes and people are dealt with. Our mantra: “Food Safety and Quality: in focus, on target”


We will work with you with a clear set of objectives that will not interfere with operational activities or disrupt your production flow. Our main goal is to attain the following: reduce food safety risks; manage resources; provide a platform for knowledge exchange; develop competencies and build capacity in the implementation of food safety management system.

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